Music! Magic! Comedy! Fireworks! and Fun! New Year's Eve 2016

Michel Lauziere


Michel Lauziere- Master of the Unusual Comedy-One of First Nights favorite family shows returning after 7 years.Michel Lauziere Artist of universal appeal, Lauzière is one of the few comedian-performers who can charm and entertain audiences of all social backgrounds, all ages, and all cultures.

He is a combination of inventor, acrobat, comedian and musician rolled into one charismatic “Master of Unusual Comedy”. From entering his famous huge balloon to playing classical music with his unique horn suit, or playing popular themes with water guns, dishes or absolutely anything he can find, Lauzière reveals some of the most original and unique sight gags ever performed.

Michel Lauziere is an artist which invariably dazzles by his humor, tenderness, wit, and incredible skills. Having performed his one-man stage show on 5 continents, enjoyed by an estimated 1 billion viewers, we are proud to have Michel back on our First Night Stage.

Venue: Middle School Auditorium (2) 60 minute shows 6 to 7PM and 7:30 to 8:30PM