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IONA: A Winter Solstice Celtic Celebration
Have you ever wondered about the origins of carols, or what wassailing is all about?  Would you like to join in the merriment of a Breton fest noz (night festival) during the Holidays?  IONA can spice up your Yuletide experience by wassailing with you through Cornish and Welsh villages, leading you in favorite carols in Welsh and English, teaching you the hanter dro as you dance with them in Brittany, ending up with a Scottish celebration of Hogmanay, singing Robert Burns’ version of Auld Lang Syne.

IONA is celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary this year with a brand new CD!  Founded by Barbara Ryan and Bernard Argent in 1986, IONA has toured across the US and Canada and throughout the British Isles.  With 14 recordings and many awards under its collective belt, IONA is regarded as one of the premier Pan-Celtic bands in the world. Celebrating the cultures of all the Celts (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Manx, Breton, Galician and Asturian) the band specializes in demonstrating how music and dance from the parent cultures have made their way to the Americas.

Each member of IONA boasts a lifetime of performing music or dance: Barbara Tresidder Ryan grew up with the ballads of the British Isles and Appalachia sung by her KY born mother who accompanied herself on guitar, then went on to train vocally for 10 years; Bernard Argent is a native Brit whose classical background informed a youth spent playing trumpet and blues guitar, followed by his passion for Irish flute and whistles; Jim Queen, IONA’s fiddler and banjo player for 8 years, performed for 30 years with the Air Force Band where he formed the bluegrass group, Silver Wings; Chuck Lawhorn toured professionally for 11 years before settling into Celtic music and playing bass guitar with IONA for 14 years.

As veterans of First Night Haddonfield for well over a decade, IONA is thrilled to return with its Celtic mid-winter traditions!  Be sure to join the band’s celebration of Hogmanay (Scottish New Year) with a heartfelt rendition of Robert Burns’ much beloved Auld Lang Syne in its entirely!

Venue: Presbyterian Church sanctuary (2) shows 7 to 8PM and 10:45 to 11:45PM